Social Media Marketing Spring Cleaning For 2015: Part 1

Social Media Marketing
Out with the old and in with the new. 2015 is kicked off and companies should take a moment to reflect on the year that has passed and start developing a strategy for the year ahead. A new year, means a fresh start and our team at Go4word have put this article together to give your some advise on how to jump start your social media marketing strategy by spring cleaning and updating your existing content. Just as your home or car can get cluttered with items accumulated over the course of the year, so too does your social media accounts. You therefore need to periodically take the time to clean up your social media accounts. Our team have put together some pointers on how to go about using the first few weeks of January to get your accounts ready for the year ahead.

Update profile photos and descriptions

The general rule with regards to profile pictures is to keep it pretty static, but just as a hair style change can wake up the old you, so too can a tweaked profile picture just give the impression of movement and growth within your firm. However, make sure you keep the profile photo completely recognizable for those who are searching for you. You can use the header, timeline or background photo as an opportunity to refresh your profile in a more unique way. The views from your office, a staff photo, or a photo of your brand’s work in action are all great examples of visuals you can regularly switch up in these spots on your social channels.

You should also consider updating your profile description, has your company opened up new services or selling new products. If so, these need to be reflected on your profile. The same goes for services or products you no longer market. Generally, adding some new content will not hurt your brand or your image and can just show that there is movement behind the scenes of your business.

Change your passwords and double-check your account emails

These days one of the best suggestions we can make is to keep your passwords updated and fresh. It can be totally disastrous if your companies Twitter account is hacked and trust me this happens all the time. To make sure that you protect your social channels from being hacked, it’s a good idea to regularly switch up your passwords. With the many DIY hacking videos available on YouTube, this is a must. You may want to consider doing this more often than once a year – especially if you might have disgruntled ex-staff with the power to control your brand’s channels.

Has the email associated with your social media channels changed in the last year? Double-check that you still have access to this account, or update it if need be. There’s nothing worse than losing the password and being unable to reset it because the default reset email no longer exists or is associated with a colleague who has moved on.

Another surefire way to open your door wide to Twitter hackers is to click on suspicious links in a tweet or direct message. We remind our clients regularly that these links – even if they appear to be from a friend or a trusted source – are most likely spam or a hacker phishing for your account password. Better to be safe than sorry!

Ensure your website has accurate and clear social media links

One of the most irritating things that a user can experience is when they visit a website and the social media icons and links are either difficult to find, or not listed at all. Your website should be the main source of information about your business, and potential customers should not have to go on a treasure hunt to find what they are looking for. Because it is common for brands to have social media handles other than their complete brand name – and often it is difficult to search for this on the social channel itself – this information should be clearly visible to the average website visitor. Also, because the average length of time spent on a website is less than a minute, the social media icons should be displayed on the home page, and again on the ‘Contact’ page. Remember, things may not be as obvious to the consumer as they are to someone who lives and breathes the brand or website everyday.

Go4word is ideally positioned to help your company with all its social media marketing needs. If you enjoyed this article and would like to know how we can help grow your businesses online presence. Please do not hesitate to contact one of our consultants today!

Let Go4word a leading Social Media Agency in Cape Town presents how to devise a festive social media marketing strategy

 Festive Social Media Marketing Strategy

Go4word is a leading social media agency in Cape Town presents how to devise a festive social media marketing strategy and we know how important it is for a firm to capitalise on generating the maximum revenue over the festive season. One of the most effect ways of a business engaging with their target audience is via social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Our team of social media guru’s have put together this article to show that with Christmas just around the corner, setting up a specialised social media strategy could help to win big returns over the festive season

 With Christmas fast approaching, and for some businesses that signals the start of their busiest trading period of the year.

It also means that it is now time to plan your seasonal marketing campaigns, and with a recent study by Crowdtap showing that nearly 65% of shoppers use social media to find a gift for a loved one, a festive social media strategy could be key to a bumper festive season.

The key to any effective marketing strategy is to be clear about the business objectives.

It is crucial for businesses to monitor their social media activity closely over this period, and Go4word is ideally positioned to assist and make this task much simpler and more effective in delivering useful data.

However, choosing the right channels is also important. For B2C businesses, Facebook is a good platform for running a festive marketing campaign – it drove 4% of all visits to retail websites during the 2012 Christmas season. Another top site is Twitter, which is often used for the reviewing of products in the lead up to Christmas. Many consumers use Twitter to help with purchasing products and reviews.

However, small firms that restrict their Christmas social media campaigns to the big three: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, could be missing out on some valuable opportunities, image-based platforms are growing in popularity and during the festive period, customers will be using these platforms to gain new ideas and inspiration.

Creating boards on Pinterest or uploading product images on to Instagram are great ways to engage with modern, image-centric consumers. And during the festive period when decorations are a common sight and gifts are beautifully presented, you can encourage your network to share their most striking photos with your small business through social media channels

Facebook and Twitter’s ad exchanges are another way for SMEs to engage new and prospective customers at Christmas by deploying retargeted ads on these social media channels.

If a visitor comes to a website to learn about its products, but leaves before purchasing, the brand can display a Promoted Tweet or Promoted Account the next time they check Twitter. Similarly through Facebook, SMEs can target their audience on Facebook after they have visited a website to learn about its products.

Timing is everything in social media, and there is a wealth of information available online about social media site trends and optimum interaction opportunities. According to the best times for interacting on Twitter and Facebook are between 1pm and 4pm, whereas sites like Tumblr have an optimum engagement window of 7pm till 10pm, Instagram, from 5pm till 6pm, and Google+ between 9am and 11am.

The value of this type of information, is that you know when is the best time to catch people, including potential customers, on these sites and grab their full attention.

While it is worth bearing these timing guidelines in mind, when creating a social media campaign, they should also use their own research and data to determine the optimum timings for your campaigns.

It is also worth remembering how big a role social media plays in customer service, which comes under increasing pressure during the busy Christmas period, when customers tend to have a higher than usual number of questions, requests and issues.

With 42% of consumers expecting a response within 60 minutes, the key to using social media as an extension of customer service is a prompt and meaningful response.

Go4word is able to assist your firm with all your social media requirments. If you would like to know more about how our agency can help your firm get the most out of marketing over the festive season, please do not hesitate to contact us today!

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Go4word a leading Public Relations Agency in Cape Town

Public Relations Agency in Cape Town

Go4word a leading public relations agency in Cape Town has put this article together to highlight the different scenarios that a firm might experience when wanting to use a PR agency to launch their new product or service. We work hard to explain to our clients that there are a multitude of goals and objectives required by different types of brands. Consequently, there are also different types of audiences and that is why its vital that you partner up with the right kind of public relations agency in Cape Town to make sure that your product and services get the move exposure possible.

Therefore our team of PR gurus have listed below some of the different areas in which a well thought out public relations campaign can be of value.

  • Public Relations for Products

Public Relations Agency in Cape Town

When launching a new or existing product, marketing and public relations works hand-in-hand promoting it. The role of public relations in introducing your new product is to create awareness among your target audience. Our Public Relations Agency in Cape Town aims to differentiate your product from similar products on the market and also to change customer behaviour in order to change product loyalty. Public relations aim to introduce new products by staging special events centred on the product and target audience. Product PR also handles sensitive situations when potential negative publicity arises.

When an existing product or service becomes a little stale, a PR firm is a great ally in helping to give your product or service a fresh spin. Public relations maintains a high level of visibility regarding your target market and also attempts to garner media interest through press releases and product information content. Our Public Relations Agency in Cape Town  helps to properly position your product and to overcome objections to your product by the general public at large.

  • Employee Relations and Opinion.

Public Relations Agency in Cape Town

As far as audiences go, employees are by far the most important target group. Your employee’s good will requires to be constantly upheld and further more requires constant monitoring as it is a fickle thing. A company’s reputation and image among its employees can be improved and maintained by an effective employee relations program. Go4word suggests keeping your employees informed and opening up channels of communication to management. Feelings of trust and of being valued goes a long way in establishing good morale and hence increased productivity.

Employee relations can be boosted by providing training in company products and services, thus creating many PR representatives who champion your business on a daily basis. Education, training and volunteer programs can also improve morale and performance. Social events such as picnics, team-building and year-end functions helps build goodwill towards the company and also increases inter-staff relations.

PR is also useful in onboarding new recruits, handling structural reorganisation and labour disputes.

  • Public Relations Regarding Financials.

Public Relations Agency in Cape Town

A PR agency can manage your public relations towards stockholders, economists, financial analysts and potential investors. Effectively campaigning towards investors can increase stock value as well as raise additional capital. Special events targeting economists, relevant media and financial analysts can help to manage negative publicity regarding a company’s performance or risk profile.

  • Social Responsibility Public Relations

Public Relations Agency in Cape Town

A company has an interest in the health and wellbeing of the community in which it operates. As such, you will often find a few projects to support local communities and entities in need. When undertaking a social responsibility program you want a the community to know about it and be seen as a good community citizen. Being perceived in a positive manner by the local community is important for the long-term success of your business in the area. Therefore our leading public relations agency in Cape Town is here to make your efforts visible both in the community in which your business is located as well as to potential customers in your target markets.

If you would like to know more about how our PR agency can help your firm to grow, please do not take hesitate to contact one of our friendly consultants today.

Go4word a top event management agency based in Cape Town offers tips on how to throw the perfect Christmas  work function

event management agency based in Cape Town

Go4word, a top event management agency based in Cape Town has put this article together to offer you tips on how to throw the perfect Christmas work function. With Christmas around the corner and many companies frantically finishing up on projects and contract deadlines, the anticipated or dreaded Christmas party is also on the agenda. Christmas parties or also known as year end functions causes a variety of emotions to surface. For some it is excitement of getting to know their fellow workers better in a social setting. For others it may be the company’s only employee engagement event.

The Christmas party event can take many forms. It may be a basic get-together with workers in your department with snacks and a few liquor options. It can be a grand soiree featuring company wide attendance with mini-events, live music and entertainment, etc. Or something in between.

Whatever the budget allows, or the company tradition is, someone has to plan and organise the event. Should the event management fall on you, don’t stress. Follow these steps and you should organise an event to be remembered well into the New Year.

  • Start Early

event management agency based in Cape Town

There is no such thing as too early when it comes to your Christmas party event. Some event management agencies are requested to plan as soon as the previous event has finished. For classy events, event management in Cape Town requires to book venues, caterers and entertainers early in order to secure their services. Early preparation secures your budget in the next year and makes the whole experience much more enjoyable. You don’t want to find yourself hosting a Christmas party at a local restaurant or having to postpone it to February. Or both, heaven forbid.

  • Catering

event management agency based in Cape Town

One of the experiences that leave the biggest impression is the food and beverages served at the event. It is human nature to enjoy and talk about their culinary experiences. Therefore, it is important to keep your catering theme and options in mind when planning your event. You should feel free to experiment with your menu and try out different themes and cultural foods in your planning. A questionnaire about tastes and/or allergies can give you an idea of what is preferred in your office. Co-worker’s tastes in liquor should also be catered for, but it helps to set the mood with an opening and interesting cocktail.

  • Create Excitement and Engage

event management agency based in Cape Town

The first step to a successful party and event is to break the ice. A dress up theme, secret gift exchanging, a few silly games or a little comedy show/presentation can get the guests involved and socially interacting early on. Pictures speak a thousand words, and when your co-workers start to enjoy themselves you’ll have priceless photos for your next company newsletter.

  • Get your Venue Right

event management agency based in Cape Town

Make sure you invest enough time to scout your venue. With some research and physical scouting, you will find the venue that is perfect for you. The venue needs to fit your purpose in terms of size, location, style and feel. The right venue can guarantee a great turnout.

  • Fit your Event to your Budget

event management agency based in Cape Town

Being imaginative and creative you can event manage a memorable Christmas party on a shoestring budget. If you have a budget, spend it. That is what is there for. Don’t be thrifty. Also, don’t be wasteful. Negotiate with your suppliers to receive the best pricing, especially if you book well in advance and lay down a deposit. See where your suppliers can add extra value to the event. Maybe offer your supplier to distribute branded novelties or snacks. What you can shave from your supplier quote, you can invest in entertainment and stocking your bar.

  • Delegate Responsibilities

event management agency based in Cape Town

A Christmas party can be an intimidating task. You may not be able to cope with your day-to-day workload and the added stress of organising your company’s Christmas party. If possible bring in the experts. If the services of a company that are an experiences with event management in Cape Town can take care of your event and allow you to remain within budget then why not. You will receive the glory of organising a memorable Christmas party with almost no stress. If your budget does not allow for outside help, call in favours and ask colleagues to help where possible.

Go4word can take care of your event management in Cape Town. Christmas parties, festivals, or product activations. Our final bit of advice is to enjoy your Christmas function. That is what Christmas parties are all about: fun and relaxation, even if you have to organise it all on your own.

When to Use a PR Agency in Cape Town?

Through renowned Capetonian creativity, we will get your word across.

Go4Word presents our reasons for using a PR Agency in Cape Town.

go4word PR

When to approach a PR agency in Cape Town:

The services of a PR agency can be expensive. You are looking at an outlay of a few thousand to tens of thousands of Rands, if not more. There are however instances where the investment will prove to be invaluable to your business. You may require the services of a PR agency in Cape Town when you are launching your new business or when you are launching a new product.

Launching your business:business launch pr

  • When you launch your business, you need clearly defined objectives for the launch. Do you require customer interaction with your products, media visibility or social media presence?
  • To grab some media attention a PR agency, although costly, offers the best value for your marketing spend. A PR agency’s whole purpose is to draw people to your business and building your brand to increase the size of your market.
  • A well-orchestrated, well-planned PR campaign is generally a more cost-effective way of building your brand compared to large-scale comprehensive advertising.
  • Your PR agency in Cape Town can utilise its established network of contacts in the media industry that should guarantee some coverage. Media coverage of your campaign inadvertently generates some free advertising as well.
  • Go4word knows how to spin your new business launch into an exciting story in order to get the word out.
  • It may be that you require a PR agency only for your business launch. Your overall budget for the launch should be balanced against your objectives for the launch and the costs involved reaching them. In some instances, it is not unheard of that the bulk of a launch budget is spend on the services of a PR agency.
  • Once the launch is over, it would be a good idea to maintain a relationship with your PR agency in Cape Town. When you require PR service again in future, it is best to on-board a PR agency that is familiar with you and your business.

new product prLaunching a new product or product range:

  • When a new product is ready for market, and you have invested a lot of resources in bringing it to market, you want the public to know about it.
  • Your PR agency will again garner its extensive media network to provide your product with some media publicity and hype.
  • The amount that you budget for the PR agencies services should reflect your objectives for the product launch.
  • Should your investment in the new product not have been that great or the product itself is of a unique nature you may be able to generate sufficient interest to go without the services of a PR agency. Once again, measure your objectives to your costs.

When your PR budget reaches R 100 000 per year, you are in a position to rope in the aid of a PR agency in Cape Town. A budget to this amount or more is quite a significant amount to handle on your own. It is also still less than the cost of an internal PR executive. This amount is a guideline only and Go4word has found that effective public relations campaigns can be done on almost any budget.

Utilizing another marketing or communications agency they may recommend using a PR agency or offer the services themselves. It is helpful to enquire about PR services and how it is provided before signing up a marketing or communications agency.

If your business are going to require consistent and sustained publicity a dedicated PR person within your business might be beneficial. A safer way of meeting your required PR is to hire an agency on keep them on a retainer. Try and keep the same account manager available for your business in order to maintain the agency’s knowledge about your business and industry.

Good PR efforts require to establish and handle press relationships, writing press releases, reaching out to journalists organising event and then to maintain and follow up on all of that. Should you not be comfortable with these or are pressed for time, an agency with experience in handling PR for small businesses can be the solution.

We at Go4word hope that we helped to make you understand when to approach a PR agency in Cape Town.