Go4word a top event management agency based in Cape Town offers tips on how to throw the perfect Christmas work function

November 27, 2014

Go4word a top event management agency based in Cape Town offers tips on how to throw the perfect Christmas  work function

event management agency based in Cape Town

Go4word, a top event management agency based in Cape Town has put this article together to offer you tips on how to throw the perfect Christmas work function. With Christmas around the corner and many companies frantically finishing up on projects and contract deadlines, the anticipated or dreaded Christmas party is also on the agenda. Christmas parties or also known as year end functions causes a variety of emotions to surface. For some it is excitement of getting to know their fellow workers better in a social setting. For others it may be the company’s only employee engagement event.

The Christmas party event can take many forms. It may be a basic get-together with workers in your department with snacks and a few liquor options. It can be a grand soiree featuring company wide attendance with mini-events, live music and entertainment, etc. Or something in between.

Whatever the budget allows, or the company tradition is, someone has to plan and organise the event. Should the event management fall on you, don’t stress. Follow these steps and you should organise an event to be remembered well into the New Year.

  • Start Early

event management agency based in Cape Town

There is no such thing as too early when it comes to your Christmas party event. Some event management agencies are requested to plan as soon as the previous event has finished. For classy events, event management in Cape Town requires to book venues, caterers and entertainers early in order to secure their services. Early preparation secures your budget in the next year and makes the whole experience much more enjoyable. You don’t want to find yourself hosting a Christmas party at a local restaurant or having to postpone it to February. Or both, heaven forbid.

  • Catering

event management agency based in Cape Town

One of the experiences that leave the biggest impression is the food and beverages served at the event. It is human nature to enjoy and talk about their culinary experiences. Therefore, it is important to keep your catering theme and options in mind when planning your event. You should feel free to experiment with your menu and try out different themes and cultural foods in your planning. A questionnaire about tastes and/or allergies can give you an idea of what is preferred in your office. Co-worker’s tastes in liquor should also be catered for, but it helps to set the mood with an opening and interesting cocktail.

  • Create Excitement and Engage

event management agency based in Cape Town

The first step to a successful party and event is to break the ice. A dress up theme, secret gift exchanging, a few silly games or a little comedy show/presentation can get the guests involved and socially interacting early on. Pictures speak a thousand words, and when your co-workers start to enjoy themselves you’ll have priceless photos for your next company newsletter.

  • Get your Venue Right

event management agency based in Cape Town

Make sure you invest enough time to scout your venue. With some research and physical scouting, you will find the venue that is perfect for you. The venue needs to fit your purpose in terms of size, location, style and feel. The right venue can guarantee a great turnout.

  • Fit your Event to your Budget

event management agency based in Cape Town

Being imaginative and creative you can event manage a memorable Christmas party on a shoestring budget. If you have a budget, spend it. That is what is there for. Don’t be thrifty. Also, don’t be wasteful. Negotiate with your suppliers to receive the best pricing, especially if you book well in advance and lay down a deposit. See where your suppliers can add extra value to the event. Maybe offer your supplier to distribute branded novelties or snacks. What you can shave from your supplier quote, you can invest in entertainment and stocking your bar.

  • Delegate Responsibilities

event management agency based in Cape Town

A Christmas party can be an intimidating task. You may not be able to cope with your day-to-day workload and the added stress of organising your company’s Christmas party. If possible bring in the experts. If the services of a company that are an experiences with event management in Cape Town can take care of your event and allow you to remain within budget then why not. You will receive the glory of organising a memorable Christmas party with almost no stress. If your budget does not allow for outside help, call in favours and ask colleagues to help where possible.

Go4word can take care of your event management in Cape Town. Christmas parties, festivals, or product activations. Our final bit of advice is to enjoy your Christmas function. That is what Christmas parties are all about: fun and relaxation, even if you have to organise it all on your own.