Our Six Top Ways To Improve Your Company’s Social Media Marketing

February 5, 2015

Our Six Top Ways To Improve Your Company’s Social Media Marketing

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Our team at Go4word has put this article together to show our top six ways you can improve your companies social media presence. These days your target users are looking to be kept in the loop about developing trends and highlights that your company or the industry within which you operate would like to share publically. One of the biggest let downs a target client can encounter is a poorly maintained and out of date website. Its vital that your website is as update as you are with regard to the industry within which you operate.

There is nothing more frustrating to a social savvy client than a social media channel that isn’t regularly updated. If your website has social media tabs, they are not just there for show. Behind them there should be an active social media presence, therefore if you have Facebook tab on your site, you need a active Facebook page, the same goes for Twitter and LinkedIn. So hopefully, by the conclusion of this article, you will be able to put some of these six 😉 not-too-hard to implement strategies into use at your company or organization in order to breathe some life into a neglected social media presence.

  1. Complete your social media profile’s completely – This might seem to be quite obvious, but it is scary how many social media channels are actually incomplete. For example, your company Twitter page, does it have your logo? Or is the picture option empty? If you set up an incomplete profile, your potential clients will pick up on this and it will affect your social media growth.
  2. Make your page WORTH following – You need to work your social media channels, they are great at building a strong user base and can really help a brand grow. You need to share relevant information that will be of value to your target audience, if you become known as a expert within your field, users will follow your advise and this in turn will grow your brand. These days your target users will “like” and “follow” brands that they identify with and who keep them update with trends and developments. Make sure you are not loosing potential customers to your competition.
  3. Engage your users; don’t dismiss or try to control them – If you have a lot of people following you on a social network, and are asking you questions or commenting on your wall, jump in on the fun! Users are more likely to follow pages where they see that the company that operates it is actually engaging their users. And, if there is a comment that pops up on your wall that isn’t entirely positive, address it. Don’t delete it. Your followers will respect you more for it.
  4. Make your presence personal and human – One of the biggest errors companies make is making their social media presence too corporate. Some will find it cold and distancing, and others will just find it boring. Use fun, engaging language and use the social opportunity to deliver a voice and personality. Also, designate one person to be in charge of updating your social media channels to keep the voice consistent.
  5. Consistency and simplicity pay off – Make your channels consistent with your existing marketing and brand message, and simple and clean in their design. If you have social media channels on a number of different networks, link between them so that people have options when it comes to when and where they can follow you. There are even desktop and mobile applications you can download (ex.TweetDeck) that allow you to update multiple social media channels all at once. Isn’t technology grand?
  6. Focus on results that aren’t quantitative – If you are a company selling a product, there is no track able way to find out of someone went out and bought your product just because they are following your presence on a social media channel. Instead, focus on which types of updates are gathering the most amount of favour with your followers. You can even use your channel as a way to post questions and get feedback from your followers and engage them in dialogue.

If you are looking at developing your social media strategy in 2015, look no further . Our team at Go4word are ideally positioned to take all the headaches out of running your social media marketing needs. If you would like to know more, please do not hesitate to contact one of our consultants today!