Finding the right PR Agency in Cape Town

October 7, 2014

Why finding the right PR Agency in Cape Town with the “Right attitude” is so vital for your Business success:

PR Agency in Cape Town

Our team at go4word has put together this article about why its so important to choose the right PR agency in Cape Town to handle your companies expansion and marketing plans. Choosing the right PR team will bring a  wealth of experience, skills and manpower that will help take your business to the next level.

Our first point of departure is to explain when its ideal for a business to consider bringing in the expertise of a outside PR agency. PR agencies in Cape Town come in all shapes and sizes and its important to note that they’re not a fit for all business types. Generally speaking entrepreneurs and startups are usually better off developing media relations and crafting company messages themselves in the early stages of business. But if you have the budget to retain the services of a public relations agency, the payoff can be significant.

We have therefore put this list of tips that a business should follow when choosing a PR agency in Cape Town, as well as the different types and qualities to look for.

Where do you start looking for a PR Agency in Cape Town?


When you have identified that your business might be in need of PR related services. The first step to any PR process is to establish appropriate goals for your PR program. The big question to ask: What do you want to achieve from PR? It’s essential for you and your executives to understand this, and to be able to communicate it to prospective PR agency.

You should also consider the areas of PR expertise you seek, whether they be media relations, crisis management, media training, social media management, community relations and/or content marketing.

Determine size of you needs as PR agencies come in all shapes and sizes:

PR Agency in Cape Town
  • Small firms promise direct, personal service,
  • Larger firms usually operate as a team that offers more viewpoints, flexibility and manpower.

What PR skills and capabilities are most important to you?

  • Media relations?
  • Crisis management?
  • Social media?
  • IPO?
  • Industry knowledge?

 Make a list of the experience and talents you need from an agency – and include your expectations on results you want to achieve.

See what your competitors are doing:

  • Note strategies and techniques that you think you should be doing.

Include your staff in the process of finding that ideal PR agency: 

  • Your PR agency may be working with multiple departments, including sales, marketing and customer service. Ask staff members which agency will mesh well with the company culture.

What qualities you should be looking for in a PR agency:

PR Agency in Cape Town
  • Owns the process. You’ll want an agency comprised of “professional naggers,” says Monaghan. A good PR agency takes responsibility for building relationships with the media, developing and sending out stories, following up with journalists, and getting article placements in both traditional and social media.
  • Recognizes priorities. Some of your goals will take priority over others. Your agency must be able to recognize the hierarchy of your goals and how they contribute to the company.
  • Pushes back. The success of your PR program requires a team that can adamantly say “No” in the face of tough scrutiny if they think something won’t work.
  • Writes well. Looking at the agency’s past press releases will indicate how competent they are in writing emails, content marketing articles and social media posts.
  • Understands the media landscape. This includes knowing which reporters require exclusivity, which outlets compete with each other, which angles will compel the publication’s audience, etc.
  • Understands your industry’s landscape. Trying to educate an agency about your industry wastes time and money. Choose a company that represents or has represented a non-competing company in your market or industry.
  • Doesn’t promise media coverage. Media coverage is earned, not guaranteed. A successful PR firm knows this through experience.
  • Measures results. Measurement is the only way for an agency to show you that your investments are making an impact.

Additional Questions to Ask


Before you decide on an PR agency, review this list of questions to assure your top pick is what you’re looking for:

  • What reporting methods are used?
  • How do they measure success?
  • What do they need from you?
  • How will you be billed? Hourly, by project, flat fee, etc.
  • Who will work directly on your account?
  • Do they require a long-term contract?
  • How, and how often, will the firm communicate with you?
  • How will the firm integrate with other communications departments?

and most importantly…

  • Do you respect their abilities and talents?
  • How sympatico are you with the members of the agency team?  How well do you get along with them?  You’ll be spending a lot of time together.  You should enjoy their company.


PR Agency in Cape Town

 A PR agency is responsible for shaping the perception of your organization by the media and the marketplace. It’s a crucial role, and you must make sure in advance that your agency has got the “right stuff” to deliver superior results for your organization.