When to Use a PR Agency in Cape Town?

November 20, 2014

When to Use a PR Agency in Cape Town?

Through renowned Capetonian creativity, we will get your word across.

Go4Word presents our reasons for using a PR Agency in Cape Town.

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When to approach a PR agency in Cape Town:

The services of a PR agency can be expensive. You are looking at an outlay of a few thousand to tens of thousands of Rands, if not more. There are however instances where the investment will prove to be invaluable to your business. You may require the services of a PR agency in Cape Town when you are launching your new business or when you are launching a new product.

Launching your business:business launch pr

  • When you launch your business, you need clearly defined objectives for the launch. Do you require customer interaction with your products, media visibility or social media presence?
  • To grab some media attention a PR agency, although costly, offers the best value for your marketing spend. A PR agency’s whole purpose is to draw people to your business and building your brand to increase the size of your market.
  • A well-orchestrated, well-planned PR campaign is generally a more cost-effective way of building your brand compared to large-scale comprehensive advertising.
  • Your PR agency in Cape Town can utilise its established network of contacts in the media industry that should guarantee some coverage. Media coverage of your campaign inadvertently generates some free advertising as well.
  • Go4word knows how to spin your new business launch into an exciting story in order to get the word out.
  • It may be that you require a PR agency only for your business launch. Your overall budget for the launch should be balanced against your objectives for the launch and the costs involved reaching them. In some instances, it is not unheard of that the bulk of a launch budget is spend on the services of a PR agency.
  • Once the launch is over, it would be a good idea to maintain a relationship with your PR agency in Cape Town. When you require PR service again in future, it is best to on-board a PR agency that is familiar with you and your business.

new product prLaunching a new product or product range:

  • When a new product is ready for market, and you have invested a lot of resources in bringing it to market, you want the public to know about it.
  • Your PR agency will again garner its extensive media network to provide your product with some media publicity and hype.
  • The amount that you budget for the PR agencies services should reflect your objectives for the product launch.
  • Should your investment in the new product not have been that great or the product itself is of a unique nature you may be able to generate sufficient interest to go without the services of a PR agency. Once again, measure your objectives to your costs.

When your PR budget reaches R 100 000 per year, you are in a position to rope in the aid of a PR agency in Cape Town. A budget to this amount or more is quite a significant amount to handle on your own. It is also still less than the cost of an internal PR executive. This amount is a guideline only and Go4word has found that effective public relations campaigns can be done on almost any budget.

Utilizing another marketing or communications agency they may recommend using a PR agency or offer the services themselves. It is helpful to enquire about PR services and how it is provided before signing up a marketing or communications agency.

If your business are going to require consistent and sustained publicity a dedicated PR person within your business might be beneficial. A safer way of meeting your required PR is to hire an agency on keep them on a retainer. Try and keep the same account manager available for your business in order to maintain the agency’s knowledge about your business and industry.

Good PR efforts require to establish and handle press relationships, writing press releases, reaching out to journalists organising event and then to maintain and follow up on all of that. Should you not be comfortable with these or are pressed for time, an agency with experience in handling PR for small businesses can be the solution.

We at Go4word hope that we helped to make you understand when to approach a PR agency in Cape Town.