Buffet Olives are South Africa’s best-selling olive brand. Some of the world’s finest olives are cultivated and processed on the unique 300-hectare farm nestling against the foothills of the Drakenstein Mountain range. The picturesque village of Paarl is the closest major town.

The region boasts mineral rich soil and a Mediterranean climate which lends itself to the ideal conditions to grow top quality olives. These olives are handpicked fresh from the trees. They are then washed and graded before entering a curing process. Slow-fermentation takes place over a period of nine months during which sugars are converted to lactic acid, giving the olive its characteristic pickled flavour. Once fermentation is complete the olives are packed in light brine in a uniquely freestanding pouch.

Four main cultivars Mission, Manzanilla, Barouni and Kalamata are produced under the management of John Schrimgeour and his farm team.

Buffet Olives is unique due to the fact that they have a processing facility on the farm that allows them to monitor quality from the tree to the packaged product. This strong emphasis on quality is also evident in the buy-in from employees who, through owning equity in the business, are keen to ensure that the best quality product is delivered each time. Employees are also encouraged to grow and are nurtured in the process like the precious trees on the farm.

The farm is also host to an annual Trail Run and MTB Race that has fast become a popular event in the diaries of fitness fanatics of the Western Cape and elsewhere. The MTB Race is fast becoming a feature of the Pedal Power calendar. These two events, happening on the 25th and 26th of October 2014 respectively, gives runners and cyclist the opportunity to enjoy these activities on a unique farm in idyllic setting.

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