go4word was tasked to help Checkers create and event that would entrench the perception that Checkers is the best destination for coffee as a supermarket level, offering the widest range. The event helped boost awareness of Foreign Ground range, educated potential consumers about different types of coffee and how to make the best cup of coffee in the comfort of their own homes.5

A mobile branded Foreign Ground pop-up coffee station was set-up in the lobby areas of The Fugard Theatre for two days where media guests and the public were able to sample and taste the Foreign Ground offering while attending The Rocky Horror show.9

Invited media arrived an hour before the show and were hosted in a VIP section in the foyer of The Fugard. Guests were treated to a coffee tasting of 3 variants and an educational on barista skills. The public audience were offered tasters from hostesses with trays.8

All guests and the public were notified of the hashtags for the evening and a twitter ‘tweet seat’ competition encouraged engagement. Prizes included samples and other coffee accessories. Each VIP received a media pack with coffee samples before attending the show.7