G.I. Lean is more than a weight loss program, it is a G.I. Lifestyle supported by supplementation that is designed to help consumers reach their ideal weight.

G.I. Lean aims to achieve their goals by combining healthy eating, exercise and supplementation.

At G.I. Lean they have created a range of specific supplements that cater to specific weight loss needs. These needs may include simply burning fat, curbing cravings, replacing sugar, snacking healthily, being healthier, increasing energy, detoxing, stabilizing blood sugar levels or boosting your metabolism.

Unlike other diet products, G.I. Lean offers products that can assist in your weight loss journey and goals for a healthier lifestyle. This then stays off. Long term.

G.I. Lean formulates its own products in their on-site laboratory. This product offering can be viewed on the website and from there you can find a stockist closest to you. On the G.I. Lean website go4word also found useful and well researched information in the article section as well as handy links to Facebook and Twitter where one can be constantly updated with tips and motivational pieces to assist in the weight loss journey.

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