Lewis Pugh is counted among the world’s leading and most accomplished inspirational speakers.

His talks have been described as inspiring, motivational and exceptional.

Lewis goes to extremes. He’s been to the world’s most inaccessible places. He’s put his body through unimaginably difficult conditions. He’s learned how to harness the energy that comes from overcoming extraordinary odds. And he knows how to inspire audiences to rise to their own internal challenges. His talks make a difference, to individuals, and to organizations. These qualities captured the imaginations of world leaders such as Bill Clinton, Ted Turner and Desmond Tutu and bring audiences to their feet.

His dream is that his talks will make a difference to the world.

As a maritime lawyer, an ocean advocate and a pioneer swimmer, Lewis is the only person to have completed a long distance swim in every ocean of the world. This campaign has the goal to set aside 10% of the world’s seas as Marine Protected Areas and was started in August 2014 and followed with meetings with policy makers to discuss the benefits of creating Marine Protected Areas. The campaign had Lewis Pugh make the following swims:

Mediterranean Sea – a 10km swim off Monte Carlo in Monaco

Adriatic Sea – a 10km swim off Zadar in Croatia

Aegean Sea – a 10km swim off Athens in Greece

Black Sea – a 10km swim off Şile in Turkey

Red Sea – a 10km swim off Aqaba in Jordan

Arabian Sea – a 10km swim off Rass Al Hadd in Oman

North Sea – a 60km swim from Southend on Sea to the Thames Barrier.

To date he has pioneered more swims around famous landmarks than any other swimmer in history.

Each of these seemingly impossible feats was done to raise awareness about the vulnerability of our oceans and their importance to humanity.

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