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November 27, 2014

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Go4word a leading Public Relations Agency in Cape Town

Public Relations Agency in Cape Town

Go4word a leading public relations agency in Cape Town has put this article together to highlight the different scenarios that a firm might experience when wanting to use a PR agency to launch their new product or service. We work hard to explain to our clients that there are a multitude of goals and objectives required by different types of brands. Consequently, there are also different types of audiences and that is why its vital that you partner up with the right kind of public relations agency in Cape Town to make sure that your product and services get the move exposure possible.

Therefore our team of PR gurus have listed below some of the different areas in which a well thought out public relations campaign can be of value.

  • Public Relations for Products

Public Relations Agency in Cape Town

When launching a new or existing product, marketing and public relations works hand-in-hand promoting it. The role of public relations in introducing your new product is to create awareness among your target audience. Our Public Relations Agency in Cape Town aims to differentiate your product from similar products on the market and also to change customer behaviour in order to change product loyalty. Public relations aim to introduce new products by staging special events centred on the product and target audience. Product PR also handles sensitive situations when potential negative publicity arises.

When an existing product or service becomes a little stale, a PR firm is a great ally in helping to give your product or service a fresh spin. Public relations maintains a high level of visibility regarding your target market and also attempts to garner media interest through press releases and product information content. Our Public Relations Agency in Cape Town  helps to properly position your product and to overcome objections to your product by the general public at large.

  • Employee Relations and Opinion.

Public Relations Agency in Cape Town

As far as audiences go, employees are by far the most important target group. Your employee’s good will requires to be constantly upheld and further more requires constant monitoring as it is a fickle thing. A company’s reputation and image among its employees can be improved and maintained by an effective employee relations program. Go4word suggests keeping your employees informed and opening up channels of communication to management. Feelings of trust and of being valued goes a long way in establishing good morale and hence increased productivity.

Employee relations can be boosted by providing training in company products and services, thus creating many PR representatives who champion your business on a daily basis. Education, training and volunteer programs can also improve morale and performance. Social events such as picnics, team-building and year-end functions helps build goodwill towards the company and also increases inter-staff relations.

PR is also useful in onboarding new recruits, handling structural reorganisation and labour disputes.

  • Public Relations Regarding Financials.

Public Relations Agency in Cape Town

A PR agency can manage your public relations towards stockholders, economists, financial analysts and potential investors. Effectively campaigning towards investors can increase stock value as well as raise additional capital. Special events targeting economists, relevant media and financial analysts can help to manage negative publicity regarding a company’s performance or risk profile.

  • Social Responsibility Public Relations

Public Relations Agency in Cape Town

A company has an interest in the health and wellbeing of the community in which it operates. As such, you will often find a few projects to support local communities and entities in need. When undertaking a social responsibility program you want a the community to know about it and be seen as a good community citizen. Being perceived in a positive manner by the local community is important for the long-term success of your business in the area. Therefore our leading public relations agency in Cape Town is here to make your efforts visible both in the community in which your business is located as well as to potential customers in your target markets.

If you would like to know more about how our PR agency can help your firm to grow, please do not take hesitate to contact one of our friendly consultants today.