Public Relations for Small Business Owners explained

November 20, 2014

Public relations for Small Business explained!

Go4word is a public relations agency in Cape Town. Our aim is to present excellent public relations services to our clients. Every small business can and should be giving attention to it’s public relations. Our team have put this article together to explain how public relations for a small business can be really beneficial in getting your brand noticed by your target audience.

Like all types of organisations (business entities, celebrities, etc.) small business should also benefit from a public relations strategy.

Public relations addresses relationships with customers, investors, suppliers, employees and the community. In many small businesses the owner is hands-on involved with performing most of the public relation functions. Go4word would caution against this approach when you, as a small business owner in Cape Town, are unqualified or too busy to give PR the attention it requires. We would recommend rather hiring a PR agency based in Cape Town to take care of your public relations.

Small business owners possess a large skillset by nature. However, to perform public relations effectively you have to tick the following boxes:

  • Be Creative and Enterprising
  • Have Good Communication Skills
  • Have Solid News Judgement
  • Have a Thorough Knowledge of the Business
  • Be Sincere and Considerate when Dealing with People
  • Always be a Good Ambassador when Representing the Company

In addition to the above the following skills are necessary:

  • Writing and Editing Skills
  • Public Speaking Ability
  • Graphic Art Proficiency
  • Public Opinion Polling Knowledge
  • Advertising Experience

These skills and characteristics are required if you plan a marketing campaign that includes public relations in Cape Town. The responsibilities of the person in charge for your public relations efforts are varied. These include interpreting public opinion, advising management on current state of affairs and opportunities, generating opportunities to improve public awareness and goodwill, the relevant distribution of good publicity and to collect and evaluate the results of campaigns. In order to perform these duties efficiently the PR executive requires access to management in order to be aware of what is happening in the business, industry, etc.

At some stage during your efforts campaigning for good public relations in Cape Town, you may want to seek the help of an outside PR agency like Go4word. Even though yourself or your staff handles most of your PR, outsourcing to a specialist PR agency for special projects and the occasional advice would be a good idea. We believe that in the following instances you would be wise to contract an outside PR agency in Cape Town:

  • Your personnel (and yourself) may be inexperienced in effectively handling a large PR campaign.
  • Your company might be geographically remote from your target audience.
  • The company might not be able to afford to hire a fulltime public relations executive with the relevant skills, or
  • There may be need for an objective opinion on your public relations requirements and strategy.

When you do decide to hire an outside agency diligent research is required. Look for a PR agency that has effectively completed public relations campaigns in Cape Town already. Also you will be looking for a PR agency that has experience in your industry, similar clients as to yourself, financial stability and a philosophy that coincides with you own.

Public relations in Cape Town are based on communication through words and actions. All organisations require public relations in some form to survive in competitive markets. Formal campaigning or informal efforts, you already know that PR is an essential function. As a small business owner in Cape Town, you must not neglect public relations. Extravagant events and expensive gifts are not necessary. A small business can greatly improve its community image on a sustainable budget. Sponsoring local sport teams, joining and addressing your local chamber of commerce and volunteering you human resources for community projects are but some of the inexpensive ways to improve you public relations in Cape Town.

Go4word would like to hear from you and assist with any needs regarding your public relations in Cape Town. Contact us today and we will take hands and start building our partnership.

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