Social media marketing: a guide for business

February 6, 2015

Social media marketing: a guide for business

social media marketing
What exactly does the term social media marketing mean. Its definitely a buzz word these days and everyone seems to have a twitter account or Facebook business page, but how does this really help your business grow? Well, social media marketing is incredibly powerful and used correctly it will really propel your business into a completely different league.

Social media marketing can strengthen or initiate many potential marketing goals. Social media stands for a range of websites, online platforms, Internet technologies and digital tools that at the very least enable people to:

  • Connect with others and participate in online communities around shared interests on the Web.
  • Share information, content or opinions with others in a public way or in closed groups and networks.
  • Engage in conversations, co-create and participate online.

Social media marketing: goals before channels

Social media allow people to connect with each other in more ways and in a more personal way than ever before.  They come in many forms such as social networks, blogs and social bookmarking services, to name just a few. While the platforms that are grouped under the umbrella term social media are important, the dynamics underlying them are even more so.However, it is important to know how these channels work, even if you’re not a marketer. After all, your employees and customers use social media tools too. Given the inherent characteristics of social media, the ways people use them and the evolution’s they brought, its clear that social media marketing plays an important role in the overall digital marketing and social business reality when taking the ‘user’ and specifics into account.

The art of customer engagement

Customer engagement, connection, interaction and integrated conversations driving various possible business goals are what social media marketing is about. Rather than looking at people as passive receivers and “consumers” of messages, modern marketers understand that customers should be actively involved in the production and co-creation of marketing programs. That is customer engagement in the true sense. Marketing tactics that overlap with social media marketing, such as content marketing, also seek to engage the customer. It’s all about providing the right touch points, content and social interactions, while being responsive and pro-active. Customer engagement revolves around the customer and the customer experience. The connected customer is at the center of social media and integrated marketing. More about customer engagement.

Some business areas you can focus on regarding the use of social media marketing:

  • Engagement marketing: having customers actively participate in the brand and driving them to take action.
  • Creating awareness and increase credibility by storytelling via relevant content (where social media once again meets what is known as content marketing).
  • Testing new offers or detecting needs by involving communities and even co-creation or crowd sourcing where applicable.
  • Lead generation and management.
  • Selling by focusing on the buying process and the touch points leading to the actual purchase.
  • Maintaining strong relationships with your best customers in order to up-sell, reduce churn and even turn customer loyalty into brand evangelists through social proof.
  • Understanding in real-time what drives social engagement and how customers in the broadest sense engage and what keeps them and their connections busy, regarding and beyond your brand, industry or category.
  • Community marketing: identify and nurture online communities of people with shared interests and/or traits.

As social media allow people to connect, they also allow us to connect with – prospective – customers in more personal ways and build stronger and smarter relationships.

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