Social Media Marketing Spring Cleaning For 2015: Part 2

January 2, 2015

Social Media Marketing Spring Cleaning For 2015: Part 2

Social Media Marketing

In our previous Social Media Marketing Spring Cleaning post, we offered our top tips for cleaning up your accounts and staying on top of your social media game in 2015. Here we have a few more things to keep in mind for a social channel refresh:

Unlink your Facebook & Twitter accounts

You may often see Facebook status updates in a tweet format, or tweets in your news feed that are cut off mid-sentence by a link that leads to the remainder of the information. This is because the Facebook & Twitter accounts are linked via the settings on either channel. While it may seem convenient to kill two birds with one stone, it actually ends up being a detriment to effectively communicating with your audiences. Your brand will seem lazy, and it’s often confusing or irritating for those you follow both of your accounts.

If it’s been a while since you hooked your accounts together, here’s a bit of a reminder on how to flip the switch off:


–       After making sure you are signed into your personal account that has Admin access to your business page, go

–       A list of pages you manage will appear. Click “Unlink from Twitter” under any or all pages.


–       Go to and sign in to your account

–       Click the gear icon in the top right hand corner, and choose the Settings option

–       Click Profile from the list on the left side

–       Scroll down to where it says “Your account is connected to Facebook.” And click “Disconnect it.”

Update your Twitter lists & accounts followed

It’s often the case that a company’s social media messaging has changed direction from the point of conception – either because the company itself has evolved or the social media has become a more widely used tool to communicate with target audiences. If this is the case for your brand, consider cleaning up the accounts you are following. It might not be appropriate for you to still be following a reporter that has left the job, or an ex-client, or perhaps celebrities that provide no value to your brand (admit it, you followed Justin Beiber when he popped on your Recommended sidebar).

Similarly, you may have once taken the time to curate Twitter lists for a specific event that has passed, or for a reason that is no longer relevant. Either update the list name with a current title, or delete it entirely. This will prevent anyone who looks at your lists from perceiving your brand as out-of-touch and clueless.

Check your Google+ business page

Is your company a business-to-consumer model? Then you should absolutely have a Google+ Places for Business page. If your target audience is searching for your business online – which they are – then having a Google+ page for your company will not only ensure that they are receiving the correct information, but that they will see your listing in the top two or three results.

Do you already have a Google+ page for your business? Check that your business hours, description, address and contact information are all up-to-date. Consider refreshing the profile background photo, or adding new photos of your location to the listing. Take the time to respond to customer feedback and reviews – you may gain back a customer that you would have otherwise lost.

Delete idle accounts

When you forayed into the world of social media, did you sprint in head first and open up a whole bunch of accounts, then soon realize that you didn’t have the time or effort to maintain them and conserve your energy to a few main accounts like Twitter and Facebook? Don’t worry, so did many of our clients. We often recommend that brands only bite off as much as they can chew – while it’s great to have a social media presence on various channels, it’s not so great to open those channels and have them sit empty with no new content being produced.

Clean up your social activity! Delete any social media channels that are sitting idle. If you don’t have the ability to regularly post on these channels, then it is better to erase them completely. Choose which accounts to keep by defining your target audiences and analyzing which channels are being used the most by those audiences.

As with traditional spring-cleaning, this process can be time-consuming and frankly, quite boring. However, it’s a necessity in this ever-changing online communications world. If you would like to know more about how Go4word could help with all your social media needs. Please do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly consultants today!