Social Media Marketing Spring Cleaning For 2015: Part 1

January 2, 2015

Social Media Marketing Spring Cleaning For 2015: Part 1

Social Media Marketing
Out with the old and in with the new. 2015 is kicked off and companies should take a moment to reflect on the year that has passed and start developing a strategy for the year ahead. A new year, means a fresh start and our team at Go4word have put this article together to give your some advise on how to jump start your social media marketing strategy by spring cleaning and updating your existing content. Just as your home or car can get cluttered with items accumulated over the course of the year, so too does your social media accounts. You therefore need to periodically take the time to clean up your social media accounts. Our team have put together some pointers on how to go about using the first few weeks of January to get your accounts ready for the year ahead.

Update profile photos and descriptions

The general rule with regards to profile pictures is to keep it pretty static, but just as a hair style change can wake up the old you, so too can a tweaked profile picture just give the impression of movement and growth within your firm. However, make sure you keep the profile photo completely recognizable for those who are searching for you. You can use the header, timeline or background photo as an opportunity to refresh your profile in a more unique way. The views from your office, a staff photo, or a photo of your brand’s work in action are all great examples of visuals you can regularly switch up in these spots on your social channels.

You should also consider updating your profile description, has your company opened up new services or selling new products. If so, these need to be reflected on your profile. The same goes for services or products you no longer market. Generally, adding some new content will not hurt your brand or your image and can just show that there is movement behind the scenes of your business.

Change your passwords and double-check your account emails

These days one of the best suggestions we can make is to keep your passwords updated and fresh. It can be totally disastrous if your companies Twitter account is hacked and trust me this happens all the time. To make sure that you protect your social channels from being hacked, it’s a good idea to regularly switch up your passwords. With the many DIY hacking videos available on YouTube, this is a must. You may want to consider doing this more often than once a year – especially if you might have disgruntled ex-staff with the power to control your brand’s channels.

Has the email associated with your social media channels changed in the last year? Double-check that you still have access to this account, or update it if need be. There’s nothing worse than losing the password and being unable to reset it because the default reset email no longer exists or is associated with a colleague who has moved on.

Another surefire way to open your door wide to Twitter hackers is to click on suspicious links in a tweet or direct message. We remind our clients regularly that these links – even if they appear to be from a friend or a trusted source – are most likely spam or a hacker phishing for your account password. Better to be safe than sorry!

Ensure your website has accurate and clear social media links

One of the most irritating things that a user can experience is when they visit a website and the social media icons and links are either difficult to find, or not listed at all. Your website should be the main source of information about your business, and potential customers should not have to go on a treasure hunt to find what they are looking for. Because it is common for brands to have social media handles other than their complete brand name – and often it is difficult to search for this on the social channel itself – this information should be clearly visible to the average website visitor. Also, because the average length of time spent on a website is less than a minute, the social media icons should be displayed on the home page, and again on the ‘Contact’ page. Remember, things may not be as obvious to the consumer as they are to someone who lives and breathes the brand or website everyday.

Go4word is ideally positioned to help your company with all its social media marketing needs. If you enjoyed this article and would like to know how we can help grow your businesses online presence. Please do not hesitate to contact one of our consultants today!