Top 5 ways to get PR for your business

December 12, 2014

Go4word a leading PR agency in Cape Town Presents our top 5 ways to get PR for your business without spending a ton of money!

5 ways to get PR for your business

Our team of PR specialists at Go4word have put this list together of 5 ways to get PR for your business without spending a lot of money.

When starting a business, it can really drain your financial resources. When you are finally ready to show the world your product or launch your service, you find that you have very little money for marketing and brand exposure. In hindsight, spending money on marketing and PR when launching a new product or service is money well spent, but our team at Go4word have put these suggestions together to help you navigate and mange your company’s launch without spending a fortune.

Below you will find some cost effective ideas that our team has put together to help get the word out that your are open for business!

  • Make sure that you really focus on communicating your higher purpose. These days with the speed at which industry changes, the reality is you’re probably not the first to market with a product or service that solves the problem you’re fixing in your space. Trying to hook the media’s attention about the merits of your business or service alone is unlikely to land you much traction. communicating uniqueness

At Go4word we suggest that you get a clear idea on what your company stands for. What is your philosophy or unique approach to tackling the problem in your market? Offer the press a fresh perspective. Be consistent and vocal about relevant issues in your space that are open for debate. Draw a line between your past experiences and why you’re in a special position to comment on these problems. This can open you up to many thought leadership opportunities in the press that can benefit your brand.

  • Do yourself a favour and link up with like minded individuals with influence. Twitter, LinkedIn, industry publications andblogs — there is no shortage of resources to research and communicate with influencers in your space.influential individuals Before reaching out, take the time to understand the opinions and audiences of the influencers you wish to connect with and brainstorm creative ways to introduce both yourself and your product or service to them.


get the word out

  • There are always opportunities to get the word out before you actually go live with your product or service. We always suggest that you try and join a local business forum or networking event. This will give you a chance to engage with like minded individuals and present your business to the group. If you want to get the most out of launching a new product, you should consider that in the early stages of conceiving your idea or developing your service, this is an ideal time to look at your target audience and before huge expense is spent on development, you can tweak your product till it fits with the market. It is here that a public relations agency will be able to help advise and direct you towards linking your product with your intended target audience.

Companies that are brand aware are in a much better position to capitalize on direct-to-public opportunities such as social media, networking and speaking events.

Its not always easy and depends heavily on the type of product but if you can  design a hip culture, with interesting spokespeople, sticky language and relatable values, can better position your start up to gain evangelists quickly and organically.

  • Make sure you invest in the development of valuable content. Like most industries, media outlets are in need of engaging content that is relevant to the demographic they are trying to reach. The trouble is most companies create info graphics, blogs or articles with the sole purpose of selling their own product or service. While this may work for select, special-interest press, it won’t likely get you published by mainstream outlets.content creation

The press exists to inform the public of facts and to offer well-balanced viewpoints. By creating content that gives a well-rounded look into an issue, you can establish a shared voice in the press amongst other industry leaders, including larger competitors in your space.

  • Apply for recognition. Just because you’re new to market, doesn’t mean it’s too early for recognition. In any industry there are numerous awards and accolades that can be applied for. Often there is no fee or a nominal charge for applying.

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