Zara Opens 3rd Store in Johannesburg

In 2011, Zara opened its first store in South Africa. Zara currently operates seven stores in the country (including Eastgate Shopping Centre), all showcasing the brand’s unique approach to a demanding fashion-conscious audience.

Currently Zara has more than 1,900 stores located across all five continents. The brand’s customer-centric approach to business has resulted in a strategy focused on making the point-of-sale the cornerstone of its customer relations.

Store location, store image, high-impact shop windows, interior design and customer service remain its most important communication tools.

Zara opens a 2500sqm store in Eastgate Shopping Centre to continue to instill the brand’s latest image. The store’s interior design highlights the importance of creating a minimalist and beautiful environment for customers to experience the Zara brand.

The essence of the new store image can be summed up in four words: beauty, clarity, functionality and sustainability. These four principles are clearly expressed in Johannesburg, a store which warmly invites the customer to explore fashion by interacting with the merchandise in a gorgeous store environment.


The store, where Zara’s customers come in contact with its fashion ideas, is the lynchpin of this company’s business model. This space is culmination of the efforts of numerous teams tasked with turning it into a unique shopping experience. This endeavour begins with laborious site selection and is followed by the design work performed by architects and interior designers, the image concerns voiced by the window dressers and product coordinators and, of course, the work put in every day by the store personnel responsible for customer service.

Customer feedback is vital to Zara’s business: their purchasing decisions, comments, opinions and requests are the raw material fuelling the decisions taken by Zara’s creative teams. Indeed, one might well say that to an extent, our customers create our fashions.

The entire Zara organisation is therefore alert to the demands of those visiting our stores and their opinions, not only about our fashions, but also all aspects of our stores and their design and image or simply the way things work in-store.

For Zara, its stores are its best calling card, which is why we place such emphasis on the location and architectural plans and interior designs for each store. Each project is one-of-a-kind and they all have in common Zara’s obsession with the latest trends and customer service.  Zara has a long list of flagship stores in emblematic locations in Paris, London, Tokyo, Sidney, Shanghai, Johannesburg, Cape Town and across all five continents.